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Since I Was Young

Posted by Guests , 28 April 2005 · 126 views

Experience in Keeping Herps
Ever since i could remember, i have kept some little critter. i always had peanut butter jars with bugs and frogs in them. well, since i was young, they all died. when we got a pool, the toads in it were amazing. i eventually got a five gallon aquarium and put like 10 toads in it. all but three died. when i built my pond, i got my first turtle, a male named slider, and eventually he ran away. i kept him in conditions i didn't even know were as bad as they were. i got a second one, a female, named slider II. she ran away too. then, after much reserch, my Dad found turtle-town and we got two hatchling RES. Speck and Hidey. they arrived in a small soup container in a box on my doorstep one day. i put them in a 2o gallon. they loved it. soon the grew, and we transfered them to their current 30 gallon. no, they are big for that tank, but they will be moved. once up north i found a salamander. he drowned because i thought he was a newt. i then got many bugs after that, that i released. one night i got my fiddler crabs. clyde, i named him. i got 4 more of them after that. i loved him. he died after a year. i plan to get more in the future. then i got volcano, the chinese fire newt. i have kept many herps, not always in the best health, but i have.

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