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Silly Lil' Swimmer


Toothless, please help me...

Posted by Lil'Swimmer , 23 June 2011 - - - - - - · 333 views

Come on lil guy, just talked to me. You act normal, you sleep happily and almost dance when you swim...but am I doing right by you?

*sigh* wish there was a vet close by, or someone who has raised a lot of turtles and knows a bunch.
Just so worried that my little Toothless's shell isn't growing right. =/

And it sucks because there is no one here I...


Goofy :P

Posted by Lil'Swimmer , 17 June 2011 - - - - - - · 193 views

Good Evening! :3

Wow, only 24 days old now, he's such a youngin'!
And already he is getting such a personality the lil one.
He basks and sleeps with his back leg(s) stretched out and his front ones in, plays with the bubbles...



Posted by Lil'Swimmer , 07 June 2011 - - - - - - · 170 views

Toothless's first appointment with the vet is on Friday (June 10)
at the Northside Animal Hospital in Eau Claire.

Hoping everything goes well and that s/he checks out fine ^^
Also wishing that State Laws were written more clearly =/



Posted by Lil'Swimmer , 04 June 2011 - - - - - - · 268 views

So total nightmare tonight...not the worst possible thing in the world but still makes me feel crappy...

Started off with putting carbon cartridge in the filter, decided to do a half water change but then one of the Rosy Reds disappeared. We took everything out and the fish appeared to be stunned - we think that it went under a loose rock and possible got...


Come wish Turtle a G'night!

Posted by Lil'Swimmer , 01 June 2011 - - - - - - · 337 views

"He's" Live at LefCam on Ustream!
Turtle Cam!


Afternoon, Everyone - Tank Set-up Help and Getting a Turtle to Eat in a Different Tank

Posted by Lil'Swimmer , 01 June 2011 - - - - - - · 254 views

Good Afternoon everyone!
Well it's day 9 with the newest member and so far I feel like I still need a lot of work in taking care of the lil "guy".
At first he seemed to be pretty happy with his new home but now he is back to swimming at the glass and trying to climb up.
I've heard that...


Welcome to the Silly Little Family

Posted by Lil'Swimmer , 31 May 2011 - - - - - - · 183 views

Please vote for your favorite two names OR select other and come up with your own!
**KODI - Is a short term for these names (based on Gender)

Koudelka (Ko-Dell-Cuh)
Kodeila (Ko-Deal-yah)
Kodine (Ko-Dean)
Kodiline (like Madeline)

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