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Afternoon, Everyone - Tank Set-up Help and Getting a Turtle to Eat in a Different Tank

Posted by Lil'Swimmer , 01 June 2011 · 256 views

Good Afternoon everyone!
Well it's day 9 with the newest member and so far I feel like I still need a lot of work in taking care of the lil "guy".
At first he seemed to be pretty happy with his new home but now he is back to swimming at the glass and trying to climb up.
I've heard that it may be the water temperature but I'm just not sure...
Note: The turtle has not been sexed but I will refer to it as a "He" because it sounds far better than an "It".

We've gotten him ReptoTreat (Shrimp), and ReptoMin (baby), along with frozen Blood Worms.

As mentioned before, he is about 1", and is living in a 20-25 gallon tank (for now). The main water level is 1-2 inches (his shell length or 2x his shell length, like I've heard) and He has various levels of elevation in his tank as far as different sizes of rocks - also a nice flat one that he can bask on to get completely dry. There are also fake plants located in two spots on opposite sides.

As of now we are using a normal 75watt light bulb for light/heat, and taking him outside to bask in the sun until we can get him a UVB bulb. In place of a water heater, we have been skimming out water and slowly adding slightly warmer water to increase the temperature when it starts to drop - but not enough to shock the poor lil guy.
For a "filter" we have been cleaning the water daily (or more in cases of feeding/dirt/etc) and though we want to feed him in a separate seems he just wont eat outside of his new tank.

So now we need help:
I will continue to look around the forums and other sites for all the information I can - but If anyone has any tips or advice, please let me know.
Note: Located in North Western Wisconsin, our temperature/humidity/etc. changes daily and so both day and night can be cold - or hot during the day and suddenly drop at night.

We are looking for:
  • Tips on how to get juveniles to eat outside main tank
  • Best Filter for a 20-25g tank and a 1" Western Painted Turtle
  • Best type of Water Heater for a 20-25g tank and a 1" Western Painted Turtle
  • Best UVB wattage for a 1" Western Painted Turtle

Will post pics of his current set-up after I clean the tank and once again try to get him to eat outside (Might as well try it since he needs to be put in his Ranch to clean anyway )

This is my first turtle and I am still learning, please don't be upset with me if his conditions seem poor. I am trying my best and learning as much as I can as fast as I can.
Sure do love the lil one, and I know Nook does too - she just wont admit it ;)

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