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My Turtles and Pets

Posted by JacksonR , 30 June 2011 · 637 views

This post is just experimental for the most part.

I want to talk about some of the animals I have/ have had. Right now I have a painted river terrapin (batagur), an Indian spotted pond turtle, an Aliggator snapper, and 4.4 (I think) three toed box turtles. I also have two Iranian Kaiser newts, 2 snakes, 2 dogs, and 3 cats.

I've had many amazing pets over my short life. Freshwater stingray, shark, Pythons, a giant spiny softshell, Florida softshell, horseshoe crabs, frog fish, star fish, Salt and freshwater eels, sandfish skink, ducks, a chicken, DOZENS if not hundreds of three toed box turtles. There are many more which don't come to mind. lol

I have been breeding box turtles by accident since I was 4 years old. I would always find babies around my house. I kept a "turtle box" outside. I still have a turtle box, but it's a huge pen with two sections. Now I breed box turtles on purpose and relese the babies into the wild. I have found two this year from last years "breeding program." There have always been turtles around me.

Today i'm 17 and look forward to keeping and breeding many more species.

Good for you I haven't had that many pets but a enough for me. But I'm only 14 ad there is time yet. I would have to say box turtles and turtles in general are the most rewarding to keep. Despite what others thinks all of my turtles have distinct personalities. I couldn't live without them.
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