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Makeshift Turtle "Table?" Phase 2

Posted by Turtle_Whisperer , 11 July 2011 · 956 views

Before heading out to the VA I ordered four 40lbs. bags, a clamp lamp and a vinyl curtain from Lowes to be picked up on my way back.

Before I headed there I had to pick up a UVB light bulb from Petco. I was bothered at first due to the fact that many of the cheap bulbs I saw were only UVA(the ones that clearly stated UVB were expensive!) I grabbed a clerk to see if they had one in the affordable range which he pointed to one that said it had the full spectrum, 60W of light for $8. I thanked him and went home. It wasn't until further inspection that it too was only UVA (Why in the hell would they say "Full Spectrum" If it wasn't?!). Frustrated I had to order one online from Amazon for $10 but with shipping came out to $15, I had to charge it ><

Before I headed home I picked up my things from Lowes, the topsoil was cheap ($2 per 40lbs. bag) and had a good soil to sand ratio.

The pond liners were much more expensive than I thought they were, so I improvised and got a vinyl curtain for $3 to use as one. It will only line the bottom so that works.

Posted Image

After adding the liner I added the topsoil followed by 3 bricks of coconut shavings to retain moisture. I sprinkled some collard green and lettuce seeds for something to munch on as the sprout but I plan later this month to cover the bed with live moss and a few small plants. For now I'm using a larger casserole dish for the water (easy to remove and clean) Until I can find something nicer.

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