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RES & Winter Advice

Posted by bpkpa , 10 November 2011 · 483 views

Need advice. I live in eastern PA where temps will go into the teens. I have an outdoor pond that is 3' deep and about 20' wide. I have a large captive bred Red Eared Slider that really took to the pond in the Summer. My plan was to bring her indoors for the winter but she has been most elusive; hiding with the catfish in a cave at the deepest part of the pond. Last Friday night I saw her swimming along the bottom, looking very healthy despite 49 degree water temp. Should I leave her in the pond to brumate over the winter or should I get in and capture her (not looking forward to that!) and bring her indoors?

I keep the falls going year round so the pond doesn't completely freeze over.


Jeani Collins
Jan 14 2012 02:05 PM
This is from (which I find extremely helpful for anything that I need to find out)
"If you reside in an area that experiences cold winters, you should be prepared to bring the sliders inside during those times. It is extremely difficult and dangerous to hibernate RES in captivity and never recommended here under any circumstances. In addition, artificial ponds usually do not have the depth and materials that allow for successful hibernation. It is not recommended to attempt hibernation since RES function well without having to hibernate. And since your turtles may not be outdoors when winter arrives, you may want to take measures ensure that your pond, heaters or filters do not become damaged during this time"
I hope that this was helpful! Good Luck!!
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I got into the pond yesterday (very chilly) and found my RES dormant but very much alive on the bottom. Got her indoors and she's doing great. Thanks Jeani. I wouldn't have gotten into the pond without your advice
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