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How did this happen?

Posted by Angelene , 16 May 2012 · 1,123 views

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The story of too many turtles...

About a year and a half ago a girl asks if i want a turtle, she says he's easy to care for, dosn't smell, eats fruit and veggies and bug, and during the summer can live outside until mid fall. I love animals, and i don't have any reptiles so i figured why not. Much convincing of my parents later and a 5-6 inch ornate box turtles with a slightly deformed shell from dog bites and defficencies comes to live in my room. Soon summer came and he went to live outside in a huge tub (bigger then a bath tub) filled with dirt and in a fenced in area to keep out anything that may snack on him. He seemed so happy and so began my love of this quircky little turtle.

Then about half a year ago, maybe less, a friend of mine asks if i could take in 3 baby red earred sliders, their owner had gone to college and her mother didn't care for them. I was hesitant, but figured i could find homes for them in my spare time during highschool, and they could live outside in the summer. So home came the 3 sliders, 4-5 inches long with no tank or lights. We set them up in a rather small tank, E.T. (The name i picked for the ornate about the time i go these guys) got moved to an even smaller tank, and they spent the winter inside.

E.T. got a respiratory infection and i spent $300 to get him better, of course my parents think it's cray, but it was my own money, and for some reason i had really gotten attached to the little guy who hates being in a tank (even the larger one) but once you put him out side he nearly smiles and looks to you like you're some sort of god. Now he's better and is moved outside in a massive enclosure with plenty of space, a place to swim and plenty of dirt to dig in. He gets bugs and fruits and veggies, not to mention what ever finds its way in that he can munch on, and the best part is it's all his!

The other three (now named iris, tick and specs) live in another large tub filled with water and plently of hiding places, they get repto min pellets and what ever falls in for them during the day. They all seem pretty happy, i mean for turtles kept in cages, and up until now i'd never had more then one or two turtles for a month or so before we released them (a turtle crossing the street that we saved and kept for a short time or something similar).

Then only 2 weeks ago my father finds a baby turtle in our pool, not sure if we should release it (We have no idea how it got here since the closest pond is at least a mile away) we decide to keep it, i named it BB and it lived in a small tank with my 5 new pleco fish. Then almost exactly a week later we find another one, dehydrated and seeming near to death out in the dirt of my back yard. We add it to the tank and it's named carlisle (not sure if that's the right spelling, but it's the same as in the twilight books though that wasn't where the idea came from). So now i have 6 turtles, all with different needs and wants, and it bring me up to 33 pets living here at home.

Of course i still love them, and i'll tend to them until i find their forever homes, i hope their happy, but sometimes i just got to wonder How did this happen?

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Aug 14 2012 07:20 PM
i think its great that you are saving these turtles :)
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