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Can two different sized turtles live together in captivity?

Posted by TurtTurts11 , 27 June 2012 · 1,556 views

turtle yellow belly slider mud turtle different size captivity live together
Can two different sized turtles live together in captivity? So I have two turtles who have been living together for almost a year now, their names are Paul and Squishy! I have Paul who is an eastern mud turtle, he was a little over 2 inches when i found him and is now barely 3. And then theres Squishy who I think is a yellow belly slider, he maybe she was under an inch when I first found it and is now a little more than an inch bigger than Paul, so maybe 4 inches( I feed squishy alot of protien). They both get along great, don't interact very much mainly just because Paul likes to chill all day while Squishy cant seem to sit still and I've never noticed any bite marks on them or any signs of aggression towards eachother, except Paul bite me once, today actually. So my question is can they both live together for a good while even though
Squishy is beginning to get alot bigger than Paul. They both dont seem to mind eachother maybe even like eachother, and I like the idea of them being together plus i do not want to spend the money on a whole nother aquarium, they're both exspensive enough as it is. Although, I am worried that Squishy might I dont know maybe eat Paul. I have yet to introduce vegetables into their diet, just shrimp and calcium pellets, so Squishy is definitely more pron to eating meat than not.

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