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Esmerelda's New Back Porch Habitat

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C.Tomsey-Apr 2012

Esmerelda's New Back Porch Habitat

My 6 year old aquatic turtle, Esmerelda had lived her entire life in the house in an aquarium. Nice, but still and inside aquarium.

My husband kindly helped (actually built :) ) for me my back porch enclosure for Esmie. It is a 65 gallon tub for swimming, a nice basking / sun spot, sand for her to walk in and a hiding spot. She was not too happy there for about a week, then suddenly she was the "old" Esmerelda. Swimming, basking, nosing with the dogs, walking about and coming to the edge of the tank/tub for hellos. She now loves it.

I very much like the idea of her being on the porch as the closed door ensures her safety. She has a great filter, heater and water circulator. When it gets very cold in the winter I will bring her into the kitchen. As we live in N. Florida this doesn't happen all that often.

April 2012. Candace