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Easy Outdoor Enclosure on a small apt. balcony

Easy Outdoor Enclosure on a small apt. balcony

Here is a picture of my new outdoor pen. Gepetto and Horton just love it even though they still try to climb out.

It is simply a pond from Home Depot that is usually buried in the ground, but since I live in an apt. on the second floor, I just filled the deep part with river rock to stabilize it and then filled the rest with turtle substrate. They have since totally messed up the pretty rocky wet area.

    thats awesome! really inovative. how does the water not flood everywhere though?
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    There are no holes in the pond, so the water doesn't go anywhere.

    I usually use a watering can and water the substrate and give the turtles a shower.

    I looked at your photos and you have two horses, not turtles? What's the deal schmeal?
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    oh my gosh that has got to be the cutest little outdoor retreat i have ever seen. I have 3 Red Eared Sliders, and i also want to make an outdoor retreat for them as well. I would have never thought of using a pond liner from Home Depot <_< lol, i am also going to add tons of potted plants in an around they outdoor retreat, we are going for a "beach retreat" with water on one end to swim and they a dry area with rocks for basking... we plan on start working on it this weekend...

    thanks for the great idea for the H.D. pond idea, that looks great!

    anymore ideas feel free to let me know

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    May 31 2012 04:51 PM
    Has anyone put RES outside in colder climates, WY, in the summer?
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    that looks soo cool. wont one for my guys now. might have to go shopping, lol.
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