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Forum Rules

Forum Rules

The Important Rules

Be nice to the Help

Our volunteers are just that... volunteers! They do not get paid but rather offer assistance to help keep our site free, productive and useful to the general public.

They do not get paid to be harassed. If you are abusive to them it is grounds for automatic banning from the forums. There are people who have lost their ability to use the forums for such reasons.

I need to provide a friendly environment for our moderators and will not tolerate abuse to them for their efforts to improve and maintain the forums.

3 Complaints Rule

All users are bound by the 3 complaint rule. If we receive 3 complaints you will have to address and resolve ALL of them before we will allow you to post again.

We will also only work with you 3 times before we put a permanent ban on your user account.

We reserve the right to ban you without the rule if we deem it in our best interest, or even just easier to deal with. No one is getting paid here, and I would much rather play a game than deal with problems.

Opinions on Vendors, Dealers, Breeders

The policy is that if anyone decides to give a NEGATIVE OPINION on a legal vendor, business, etc..

Da TurtlePimp has declared... It must be deleted! Firsthand experiences only. No trash, smack, booger throwing, slander, or libel.

In short, PROMOTE POSITIVE experiences. Just as much as we want to avoid problems, many of us prefer direct referrals and positive experiences or feedback.

The theory here is if no one talks about it, it must not be worth talking about. It works really.

General Guidelines

No Spam

Stay on topic. Posts unrelated to the forum topics are not allowed. Please post general comments/conversations in the General Discussions forum. Nonsense posting only to increase your number of posts is not allowed.

No Crossposting (Double Posting of Same Message)

Post only once on the forum that is most related to the topic of your message. If there is no such forum, post it on the General forum.

No Personal Attacks

This includes harassments, flames and other forms of annoying behavior.

This will also include negative responses about other websites, businesses, or reptile dealers.

No Referral Links

You are not allowed to post a URL where you get money or some type of compensation by referring others. It is however ok to post your website URL in your profile and/or in your signature.

It is also acceptable to post a link to relevant information like an article at another web site.

No Illegal Stuff

Discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed.

No Adult Stuff

Links to adult sites and/or material is not allowed.

Turtle mating images allowed, but please keep in mind parents have to explain these to their children so please limit it to the breeding sections.

When You Post For Help


Please browse the forums or use the search function before you post your problem. Your question might have already been answered.

Use the Search Luke, Use the Search... seriously we have a ton of information buried in the forums, the search tool is quite useful.

Provide Detailed Information

The topic subject should reflect the problem posted with as much details as possible.

Also include the following information:
When you post for help:
- What kind of Turtle if known.
- How long you have had the turtle.
- What age the turtle is.. adult, baby, perhaps size of the turtle will help.
- The type of environment you have your turtle living in.
- The more you can tell us the easier it is to help you.

Be Patient

Do not forget we can't be online 24/7. Be sure to include as much information as possible to ensure we can answer your questions quickly.

However, the turtle community here has people on 24/7 so it is likely that someone could answer you message quickly but please allow some time.

General Posting of Topics

Self Representation

You may post topics for yourself or friends but you must represent yourself and not others.

Do not pretend to be someone else.


Signatures should be no longer be longer than 3 lines, but I would prefer 2 lines.

Images may be used in a signature. They need to be under 15K in file size. I would prefer images be no larger than 60 pixels tall and 468 pixels wide, much like standard banners. It may of course be smaller.

It doesn't make sense to post a 1 sentence reply and have 4-10 lines of signature. We have avatars, rankings, and our profiles to help people see our web personality.

Exceptions to the rule are Moderators... a very small benefit for helping out.

Advertisements - You may only post links to your sites, or interests. Please no advertising, unless it is your site. We will leave room for that.

Special Characters Limited

The use of multiple/consecutive special characters in the subject or body of the ad is not allowed. Examples of special characters are: !@#$%^&*()_+~?><,.-{}[]\|/)

Example: Lots of Turtles!!!!


HTML in the forums has been disabled. In an effort to prevent scripts in topics, auto jumping to other websites, and pop-up windows. If you would like to use the FORUM code which is similar to HTML click on the FAQ link at the top menu, and read how to add many similar functions to your message.

User Accounts

Real Names Required

While you may use a Nickname for your user name, we would like to request that you still use your real name in your profile.

We consider it acceptable to use your First Name and the first Initial of your last name as well.

example, Tyler M.

Banned Accounts

Once your account is banned for good or a short probation for whatever reason by complaints, violations of our rules, or any other site bans. You are not allowed to re-register in any way, format, or under any circumstances.

Any attempt to bypass or circumvent this system by registering under the alias, name of a friend, family member, or any other form will cause the account to be terminated

We also reserve the right to prosecute for fraud and lost wages for the time it takes to deal with the problems you created and legal expenses. It is now a crime to misrepresent yourself on-line, thank Bush for that! I will.

Anyone who knowingly assists in fraudulently obtaining an account, will have be banned and is liable for fraud as well. We reserve the right to prosecute as well for the same reason as stated above.