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Advice for a Temporary Setup?

temporary cagle setup travel christmas advice

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#1 Catie


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Posted 28 November 2011 - 06:43 PM

Hello! I will need to temporarily house a CB baby cagle map for approximately 4/5 days...what is the simplest way of doing that?

I've decided to get my boyfriend a turtle for Christmas. (He loves them but hasn't had one for years.) I've placed a deposit on one but the latest date before Christmas that the breeders will ship is the 19th. I don't see my boyfriend till the 25th so there is my problem.

I've done extensive research on proper care and habitats. I've even bought all the supplies that he will need to house the turtle including: heat & uvb lamps/bulbs, canister filter, 40 gallon tank, basking dock, river rocks, a hiding space (an unglazed unbroken clay pot [ <- is that a good idea??], a thermometer, water conditioner, reptomin, aqueon heater, and I think I'm probably missing something from this list but I just can't think of what that is right now.

Anyways, the tank is HUGE and there is no where to keep it in my apartment so I've actually brought it over to his house already. Even if I had the space, it would be such a pain to set up the whole thing just to have to take it down and reassemble it.

So any suggestions on a temporary set up?

Also, how should I travel with the turtle in the car ride on Christmas? It will be just 30 mins but I don't want to stress the poor little guy out. After all, by that time he will have already traveled quite a bit. What are some ways to reduce the stress?

I appreciate any sort of input/comments/suggestions. Thank you :)

#2 Cheloniphile


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Posted 29 November 2011 - 08:31 PM

Easiest thing might be to get a sweater box or plastic shoe box at WalMart or KMart or local dollar store.

If this is just a hatchling, the water could be only 1" deep in a plastic shoe box or 9 inch glass cake pan with a flat rock or clean, new kitchen sponge so the turtle can climb out of the water. You can leave the light on 24/7 for heat but not directly over the the whole container - don't want to overheat the little guy - just above the short end of the container to heat the water and air. 60 watt should be about 8 inches above the water level, a 40 watt bulb could be about 5 inches aboe water level. Shade half the container with paper or the container cover to trap moisture and provide shade. Monitor the water temp with a meat thermometer. Looking for about 74 to 76 degree water temp, 82 to 84 degree air temp.

If it's a yearling or larger map, use a proportionately larger container and deeper water.

Easy to move and travel. Place a wet paper towel in the bottom of a disposable plastic food container, place the turtle on the paper towel, put the cover on. Punch a few air holes in the cover from the inside-out so as not to leave sharp edges on the inside of the container. Don't add water. The turtle will be able to claw onto the paper towel - water would just allow him to get swished around the container on every turn.

Just some ideas - that's how I'm doing it right now with a 45 day (out of the egg) spotted and a 20 day mud turtle. Good luck and kudos on picking a great present.

Paul (Cheloniphile)

#3 Erik


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Posted 29 November 2011 - 09:24 PM

Paul pretty much summed it up. Nice Christmas present.

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