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Ebay find(Yuck to the max)

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Posted 23 April 2012 - 03:30 PM

If you have never been on eBay and been looking for some clean bones for a craft project you are in for a real treat. I was looking for some carnivore bones to pull a rubber mold off of for an art project and in the list that came up was a "real" turtle shell so I input "real turtle shell" and came up with a whole list of them, some that really surprised me like this Radiated Tortoise shell, North American Wood Turtle, Start, Chaco and many more. Take a look and get either grossed out or very angry. For more shells just type in "real turtle shell" and you will see the number of them.

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Posted 24 April 2012 - 03:49 AM

Ebay has rules in place that prohibit animal parts from protected and/or regulated animals and that includes turtles. Call up their policy and review it. In the past when I have been on there, I seen eastern box turtles shells up for auction in states where EBTs are regulated/protected and in states and that includes parts thereof. Box turtles and other turtles are protected in most states where found. The problem is most lay people do not know all that and sell these shells on Ebay and Ebay, due to its size, doesn't catch them or doesn't know that particular turtle is protected/regulated. Certain shells have to be reported and/or the seller contacted to advise them that particular turtle is protected and they can get in trouble for selling and/or shipping that shell due. If shipped out of a state or into a state where that turtle is protected, the Lacey Act is violated. Also, many federal and state agencies watch online auctions for protected animal items so people that sell these items may eventually get a knock on the door and they are taking a chance.

Report protected/regulated turtle shells with the report button in the item page itself and fill in the necessary information for the report. Check the state where the seller lives. Also send a nice note to the seller that the shell they are attempting to sell is of a regulated/protected turtle in their state and they could get in trouble if sold, including the purchasers.

It's a shame Ebay does not take more control over the sale of protected/regulated animal parts on its auctions as it lists specific rules for specific animals, etc. but doesn't check its own listed auctions.

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