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Can three Yellow Belly Sliders be housed together?

YBS Yellow Belly Slider

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#1 Lirpa713


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Posted 05 June 2012 - 01:35 PM

Hi all,
I've just recently purchased two yellow belly slider babies. However, one passed. :( I'm driving back to get another one this weekend. My question is, since I see they are communal, can I put three in a tank together, or will they fight? Is four better than 3 when it comes to having more than 2, so it's an even number? they will be in a 30 gallon tank until I move at the beginning of next year, then in a 125 gallon. I think four would be pushing it in even in a 125 gallon? The store is 2.5 hours from my house so I don't want to have to make the trip again. They are sold locally, but not the 2" ones, so I'll make the drive. They are even common in lakes here but I prefer captive bred and don't really want to encounter the other critters that live in those lakes! Any opinions on 2 vs 3 vs 4 Yellow Belly Sliders? They are currently about 2". Thanks so much! Sorry for no profile pic, it won't upload from my iPad .

#2 Sampras&DrCornwallis


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Posted 05 June 2012 - 06:15 PM

Hold up lady. When you say "one passed" what exactly are you telling us? ONE DIED? How did this happen? Did he fall, did it "just happen". I very sorry to hear that actually.

Sliders in general aren't comunal. They are kept in large groups in pet stores.. because pet stores are generally silly stuff. They are solitary, they like their space, they can be aggressive, especially around feeding time so you'll have to look out for that. This is what I've read, my research, both on this site and in general point towards this conclusion.

The difference between having three and having four is.. negligible.

I have a Yellow Belly called Sampras. He's aggressive, brash, rude, noisey, wants to be involved in everything your doing, has no manners, isn't afraid of anything (or anyone). I also have a little Cumberland Slider called DrCornwallis. He's shy, he's scared of his own shadow. He can baarely swim against the "current" created by the filter. He's kinda weak, gentle, takes a long time to eat his food and is very sensitive in every way.

Despite this MASSIVE personality difference these two guys LOVE each other (not in a gay way of course). They fight (well Sampras takes DrCorwallis's food), but they sleep on top of each other. When DrCornwallis darts of under a rock out of fear, Sampras will follow him, just because he doesn't want him to be scared. They couldn't be a better match, I mean those guys are a real duo. They didn't start of a best friends, there was a lot of anomosity in the first few months after I introduced DrCornwallis. Sampras up until that point (for nearly 3 months) had full reign of his little kingdom, then he suddenly had to share it... not good for DrCornwallis I can tell you that!

Although all my reading on this subject has told me housing slider togethers isn't a great idea, my two turtles love each other. And in my opinion, in my experience, I think keeping these dynamic and highly intellectual beings alone for the entirety of their lives... is wrong.

You'll have more work by keeping two together. Primarily around feeding times, in the sense that you don't want one getting more food at the expense of the other as this.. would be bad. I have mastered balancing it pretty well and I find its something you learn yourself as you find out what kind of personality your turtle has. On the other hand you can feed them separetly. I found however feeding them in separate dishes creates stress. I also believe that the process of eating together is good for turtles, helps them bond when they help each other tear apart a meal worm. TEAMWORK YAY!

Also, if you only have a 30gallon tank, I'd just get two. three might get a little cramped in short time. At least with two you have more time before you have to get a bigger tank.

But on behalf of Turtle Times, welcome, I hope you enjoy the absolutely wonderful endeavour of caring for turtles.

#3 Lirpa713


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Posted 06 June 2012 - 08:18 PM

Yes, he died. I do not know of a reason. It was only 6 days, no ammonia spike in the tank yet. He was great and swimming when I left, dead when I got home that evening. It was quite a shock to me. He was eating well, shell looked good, not shy at all. They are, I'm guessing, hatchlings, since they are just 1.5" long. Possibly a problem prior to my acquiring them? We had a 4hr drive home but both seemed to tolerate it well.

I read about the red ear sliders being a bit more aggressive towards one another, but it was seemingly like the yellow bellies might be slightly less. I've been given the impression they do not like to be alone. My friend had two RES who she got as hatchlings and after a couple years came home to one biting the throat of the other so they got rid of one. I hope this never happens! I will definitely try at at least two. I hate seeing this little guy/gal all alone, whether he likes it or not lol. Your turtles sound like the perfect match :).

Thank you for your reply. I have the 125 gallon already, just was hoping not to have to set it up until I move, to save a little hassle. I will try feeding together at first and see if any adjustments need to be made. I've had multiple saltwater tanks, so going from all that life to two turtles will be a change. One I look forward to! :) :) How fast did your slider grow? I can tell mines bigger than when I got him. I've read many diff things there, so not sure which is accurate. At least I have a big tank and can switch them over sooner than later if needed.

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