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HELP baby RES found floating and unresponsive!

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Posted 17 June 2012 - 10:28 PM

I awoke from a nap to find One of my baby RES turtles floating in his tank, the one that he shares with three other very young turtles. They are around 2inches in length. The tank has a floating dock, a water heater, a UVB heat lamp. The turtles are fed both pellets and dried shrimp regularly as well as some small feeder fish every once in awhile. Earlier today the little guy seemed fine and showed no signs of sickness or fatigue, however when I found him he was floating and not swimming around. I quickly removed him from the tank and placed him in his own separate tank with a cloth and also heat lamp to keep warm. I performed turtle CPR (pulling back and forth gently of the front legs) and after about 20 minutes some water did come out of the little guys mouth, however he is still completely unresponsive. The scariest part is that one if his eyes are closed and one is open. I cannot see any signs of life at this point, but I have been researching and have read many stories of turtles who seem to have died but really were in a shocked/non-responsive state. I will monitor him for the next few days for any signs of movement, but really could use some advice for anything else I may be able to do to help/save him if he is indeed still alive. :( any help or advice at this point is greatly appreciated!

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 12:29 PM

I'm very sorry that this happened to your little turtle. Whatever happens, you're to be commended for your actions in trying to save him.

The following information appears after the instructions for turtle CPR in the "Sick Turtle Summary" on our forum:

"Now it's time to take your turtle to the veterinarian. The veterinarian will insert a tube and start providing the turtle with pure oxygen. He may give a respiratory stimulant and a drug to a drug that will help the turtle excrete the water accumulate in its tissue. After this, the turtle will probably regain consciousness and start moving.
Since some turtles develop pneumonia after drowning, the veterinarian will most likely recommend a course of antibiotics."

Adult turtles have a better chance of recovering from a near-drowning episode than very young ones. If your RES has regained consciousness, he should be taken as soon as possible to an experienced herp vet for treatment.

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