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3 legged res turtle floats

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Posted 21 June 2012 - 09:56 AM

I found a res turtle in a tree two weeks ago (yes it was in a tree , no clue how that happend it was kinda close to out pond)
it had a badly shrived up black leg. Mom wouldn't let me take it to the herp vet cuz it was a wild res turtle (not like one of our own pets) next morning its toes fell of and i decided it be best to just remove that leg ( It came off easy , didnt bleed much and is healing very well, infection still there but almost gone compleatly now. skin is growing back it looks like. i applie antibiotics to it ever 12 hours or so ( at 9 and at 9 again)
here it is before i removed the bad leg (there was no bone past the nee for some reason. think it liquified or somthing) it smelled really badPosted Image

(so basically the leg is getting better and isnt much concern, and he is wild)

here he is eating a wax worm very enthusiastically Posted Image

What I'm really worried about is that when he swims he floats(most of the time he sits half submerged and basks, or is dry docked) .

i saw him trying to chase a small tadpole under water but he cant get down more than maybe 3 inches in the water.
He Does NOT float sideways or upsidedown or any thing really weird, pretty much floats up right (some times when he does swim though he kinda swims to the right, i think that is because his leg though)

He has a very big appetite now (at first he wouldn't eat, now he eats everything) he eats 2 or 3 crickets and 1 or 2 wax-worms ((normally i don't like wax-worms but he is a bit underweight so im giving him some. Also it likes to chase after tadpole (never catches them) and he likes to nibble on the pond plants i have in there. i plan on getting water turtle pellets Saturday ( i have some but there 4 years old and i dont know if there good or not).

his shell might be slightly pyrimided, im not for sure because i dont see very many sliders in our pond.
also his shell is kinda soft is that because he is small? how soft is too soft?

here are some pics Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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