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Actually cure lopsided swimming?

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Posted 14 July 2012 - 11:49 PM

My turtle has a respiratory infection, and I have been giving him Baytril for the past ten days. Most of his symptoms have cleared but he still is swimming lopsided and is having difficulty breathing.

1. Will the antibotics actually cure his lopsided swimming?
Since the cause for lopsided swimming is fluid stuck in one of the lungs, shouldn't that mean the only way of curing his lopsided swimming is through some sort of surgery?
Pumping the water out of his lungs or some kind of procedure...? I don't see how the antibiotics will be able to remove the liquid out of his lungs.

2. What should I do to cure his lopsided swimming? Just keep on giving him the Baytril?
I already have the UV light and have made the water temperature warmer.

3. I decided only to go to the vet when his condition got very bad (I regret that so much). So would this delay of treatment cause him to swim lopsided permanently?

Extra Info
He is a Red Ear Slider who is about 5cm long, so he is still a baby.
Before he was treated with Baydril, he was extremely sick from RI. Symptoms included shut eyes, prolonged basking, refusal to eat, refusal to swim, and difficulity breathing.

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