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Dark "Bladder" coming from turtles butt

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  • Dark "Bladder" coming from turtles butt

    Hello all- please forgive me I tried to search but I'm unsure of the keywords to go about it. We found a box turtle a little over a year ago and shes becoming more active since her hibernation. I've noticed while shes eating or in the water this huge bladder will come out from her. It almost looks like her feces but bigger- then when I make too much noise it kinda of retracts back in her. Its also visible when shes eating. Could someone tell me what it is and if I should be concerned about it? Thanks in advance. [HR][/HR]
    What your seeing isn't a bladder its a penis...Your she is a he. [HR][/HR]
    You have a male box turtle and he is "fanning" his penis. Males will do that while soaking in water. It is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about unless he does not or cannot retract it. [HR][/HR]
    One more thing- it seems like its been hanging out a lot more lately. He'll just be walking around and you can see a dark bubble under his tail. I've never noticed this as well- is that normal? [HR][/HR]
    Sounds like he might have a prolapsed penis. If he does not retract his penis when you pick him up or when he is out and about then it is a prolapse. One of my red ear slider males and a painted male had this happen, I do not know the exact cause of it and I am not sure if they know why it happens either. You are going to want to take him to a reptile vet and they may be able to get the penis to retract, it they can not your turtle will need to get surgery and most likely lose his penis. Make sure to keep it moist and clean and take him to the vet as soon as he can though because the longer it stays out the more of a chance that it is dead and will have to get removed.

    Mitch​ [HR][/HR]
    Thanks mitch- I don't know I just checked him now and its back into him. Lately i've seen it out a lot. I hope he's alright. [HR][/HR]
    I'm guessing that he's not terribly old, since this is new to you? When my turtle was first...ahem...ready to show off his gender, he did it quite frequently for a while. New toy syndrome I think. [IMG2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/\/web\/20151128114023im_\/http:\/\/\/forums\/public\/style_emoticons\/default\/rolleyes.gif"}[/IMG2] I even took him to the emergency vet because I didn't know what was going on with my female box turtle...​ [HR][/HR]
    From your last reply can you describe how you keep this turtle and what species of box turtle it is? Indoors/outdoors? That may explain a bit more as to what is going on and also as to the shedding you are experiencing. If kept indoors, the shedding you are seeing is probably either improper diet or lack of humidity. Also since your turtle is wild caught it has been under a lot of stress since being taken from the wild and had to adjust to an entirely new environment. The type of box turtle you have together with a bit more on how you are keeping it would help us tremendously to help you. [HR][/HR]
    Terrapene ornata is the type of turtle. We found him in a playground not far from our house unattended in the middle of the day. No one came to claim him. We also live in San Diego so I'm sure at one point he was a pet.

    I've read that shedding is normal for all reptiles- only the turtles do it in small amounts.

    We regularly feed her every 3-4 days meal worms, fruits (apples, grapes, banannas), and some veggies. We've got both heat lamp & repti-glow's 5.0 UVB in a medium sized aquarium.​ [HR][/HR]
    Ornatas need a bit more protein in their diets and are more carnivorous that other box turtles. Is your turtle Ornata Ornata or Ornata Leutola? If you could post a photo, that would help. Some shedding is normal but if it is a constant thing indoors, it is diet or habitat related. Ornatas are very difficult to keep in captivity and are very sensitive to changes between hot/cold and dry/moist. Your turtle was probably an escapee as they are not found, as you know, in San Diego.

    I would suggest reading all the care sheets you can on Ornata and up your turtle's protein with some live or frozen pinkies bi-weekly and in between that provide crickets and nightcrawlers along with the other items you list. They also like bananas, strawberries and cantaloupe. It's best to rotate items so they don't get fixated on one item.

    In your initial postings it sounded as if you found this turtle in the wild. Thanks for updating your information as it does help in ensuring you get the correct help/advice you may need. Please note that Ornatas are considered an "experienced keepers" turtle especially if the turtle is kept out of its US range. Even experienced keepers have difficulty in keeping them at times. It's a touchy ratio of cool, dry, warm, humidity to keep them healthy. I've been the keeper of several Ornata Leutolas over the past two years and I have over 40 years of turtle experience and I've had a few close calls as to them but have learned how to balance them out. The other main key is the diet - do increase his protein.

    Also, as with any new turtle, it is always best to take it to the vet for a checkup and a stool sample. The California Turtle & Tortoise Society is also in your area (they have a branch in San Diego) - look them up on the internet.​ [HR][/HR]
    One thing to note not feed him too much banana, they love it but its not that great for them, try strawberry, they love tha raspberry, blueberry (squich it a bit so they smell it ) peas and frozen corn (thawed of course or nuked even)'
    about his penis , hope it gets better, thats just the tip of it, they are gigormous!!​ [HR][/HR]
    You have an ornata ornata. If your turtle keeps doing that, there might be a prolapse issue of some sort going on and I would have the turtle checked by a vet. They do not normally do that out of water on a consistent basis. [HR][/HR]
    Most prolapses are caused by straining. This can be caused by an impaction.
    You have to keep this moist until the turtle can see a vet. The vet may initially try to place the prolapse back in. Some cases may require purse string stirches.

    You can try to carefully clean the area, and apply karo syrup or sugar water which may shrink the prolapse and allow for retraction.

    I would also set this turtle up in a rubbermaid with deep moist substrate. They are cheap, easy to clean, and offer much more space then an daiquiri that is likely to stress them​
    Well its in him right now- if it was prolapses then it would never go in right? He's just chillin' in the water right now, when I look at his tail its fully retracted.