This is my 55 gallon eastern painter turtles tank my oldest turtle is 6 years old now and he is about 5 inches and the other 2 are 2 years old at about 3 inches.i just built a turtle topper and wanted to show it off!i am currently running 2 magnum 350 canister filters!one of the magnums feeds a rainbow lifeguard fliudized bed filter!the tank stays supper clean!in my opinion u can never overdo filtration when it comes to turtle tanks! there is pond shinners in the tank 3 cory cats and some neon tetras with live plants the tank has been running strong for 6 years with improvements in the tank every year!It is now complete!Time to start building my other 55 as a Texas map turtle tank will post pics when im complete with that one!!I also think a spotted turtle tank will be in order soon love those little guys!!!well i tried to upload the photos will have to figure out how to make them smaller in size wont let me upload them.

The ramp was from one of my old zoo med turtle docks. i'm going to put a nice contact paper border on the front plexi to hide my velcro strips. the front plexiglass is held on by a tough velcro so that i can easily remove the front for cleaning plus my big painter his name is fat mike he loves to be social he's like a little dog or something!!!and thanks for the reply ive been working on this tank for 6 years i seen that new above tank dock and thought yup thats my next project the turtles love it!!!

Thank you so much for your compliments!!!!the fish are local caught shinners from my bait traps that i place in rivers for fishing bait!i keep them in my tank with some other native fish the turtles dont bother the bigger fish they do eat some of my smaller bait fish but thats fine with me.all the rocks in the tank were ones from local rivers i have collected over time so yeah i was trying to focus on a native natural river bottom.the tank is pretty stocked with fish. as eastern painted turtles are basking lovers and spend less time in the water if they have a good safe land mass they would rather be taking in the sun!but they still like to swim mostly at night prowling the bottom of the tank trying to catch a fish of guard while they sleep!LOL!

I love the image of your Painteds lurking around in the dark at the bottom, hunting unsuspecting prey! It's fun when I have occasion to walk into the turtle room at, say, 4am and I turn the light on and I find all the aquatic turtles sound asleep sitting on the bottom of the aquarium (after all these years, it still blows my mind how these creatures can stay submerged for so long like that). My setup is much, much simpler than yours, because it's just for winter housing--I have a detailed outdoor enclosure where I put them and the box turtles for the spring, summer, and early fall. Congrats on keeping your setup natural and local!!

Are they magnum H.O.T filters? Or just regular magnum 350 filters?