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New Turtle Owner - What is it?

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  • New Turtle Owner - What is it?


    I have a turtle that I "rescued" from someone in Petco who found it in a parking lot. They were trying to give it to a Petco employee, who obviously couldn't just take some random turtle!

    I have never owned a turtle and have no idea what type it is. I did do a Google image search and it returned a bunch of different breeds so I am stumped as to what kind it is.

    Thanks in advance for any expertise someone can offer!
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    Hey there Fraggles, what a cute looking turtle. I have reached out to someone to help us as I am not certain either. I will get back to you asap!


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      It's a box turtle I have been told. Possibly a three toe? Do you plan on keeping it?


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        Hi! Thanks for your reply and sorry for my delay in checking the thread! Yes, I plan to keep him/her. I have had it since Sept. 15 and it has grown a little but seems like it will remain a smaller turtle. I did another google lens search and it brought up a Reeves or Chinese pond turtle. they only grow to about 5-6 inches.

        Happy New Year