Turtle Breeds

  • Mata Mata Turtle (Chelus fimbriata) White Background

    Mata Mata Turtle

    Mata Mata Turtle (Chelus fimbriata) The mata mata turtle has a special look with its big, triangle-shaped head. They come…

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  • Providing a Balanced Diet For Slider Turtles

    Balanced Diet For Slider Turtles

    Providing a Balanced Diet For Slider Turtles The diet of the Red Eared Slider can be somewhat difficult to understand.…

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  • Pond Turtles on a rock

    Pond Turtles

    Meet the European Pond Turtle: A Guide to Its Characteristics and Behavior Discover the enchanting world of the European Pond…

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  • Bog turtles in the pond

    Bog Turtles

    Exploring the Elusive Bog Turtles (Glyptemys Muhlenbergii) Embark on a journey to discover the captivating Bog Turtles. Imagine a world…

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  • A Sea turtle swimming in the ocean

    Sea Turtles

    All About Sea Turtles   Sea turtles, fascinating and charismatic creatures, have captivated the hearts of people for generations. With…

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  • Pascagoula map turtle Graptemys Conservation Grover Brown

    Graptemys Conservation

    Graptemys Conservation – Graptemys Barbouri, Graptemys Flavimaculata Graptemys Oculifera & Greaptemys Caglei We discuss in detail the life histories of…

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  • Reeves Turtle floating in the river

    Reeves Turtles

    A Beginner’s Guide to Reeves Turtles: Everything You Need to Know Get ready for a turtle-tastic journey! Reeves Turtles are…

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  • Painted turtle crawling in the ground

    Painted Turtles

    Guide to Painted Turtles: Everything You Need to Know If you’re a beginner looking to learn more about these incredible…

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  • Red-Eared Slider crawling on blue colored cloth

    Slider Turtles

    Slider Turtle Care: Navigating Food, Tank Size, and Compatibility Are you considering adding a slider turtle to your family? If…

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  • Crawling on the road

    Softshell Turtles

    Meet the Incredible Softshell Turtles: Habitat, Features, and Behavior Have you ever heard of a creature that’s like a ninja…

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