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If you want to know about turtles or tortoises and how to care for them, Turtle Times is the leading website for all things turtles.

  • Painted turtle crawling in the ground

    Painted Turtles

    Guide to Painted Turtles: Everything You Need to Know If you’re a beginner looking to learn more about these incredible…

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  • Red-Eared Slider crawling on blue colored cloth

    Slider Turtles

    Slider Turtle Care: Navigating Food, Tank Size, and Compatibility Are you considering adding a slider turtle to your family? If…

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  • Crawling on the road

    Softshell Turtles

    Meet the Incredible Softshell Turtles: Habitat, Features, and Behavior Have you ever heard of a creature that’s like a ninja…

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  • Two Sideneck turtle beside the pond

    Sideneck Turtles

    The sideneck turtles has a unique look with its side-tucked head, unlike other turtles. Many people love its constant “smiling”…

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  • Wood turtle on fallen tree in the river

    Wood Turtles

    Wood Turtles Unveiled: Care Tips, Habitat, and More Have you ever heard of the majestic Wood Turtle? These intriguing creatures…

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  • Terrapin Turtle crawling in the sand

    Terrapin Turtles

    Terrapin Turtles: The Ultimate Guide to This Remarkable Creature Terrapin turtles are fascinating creatures that live both on land and…

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  • Large snapping turtle crawling on some rocks.

    Snapping Turtles

    Meet the Aggressive Yet Fascinating Creature! Prepare to encounter the captivating world of the snapping turtles – a creature that…

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  • A colorful turtle on the ocean

    UVB Light In Turtle Tanks

    Ok, this one gets talked to death, but we still don’t have a consensus. So let’s discuss it here under…

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  • Black and Gray turtle crawling in the mud

    Mud Turtles

    Marvelous Mud Turtles: Exploring the Life of Aquatic Wonders Diving into muddy waters, a small and enigmatic creature reigns supreme…

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  • Brown spotted turtle crawling on the grass

    Spotted Turtles

    Spotted Turtles The Spotted Turtles, scientifically termed Clemmys guttata, holds the distinction of being one of the tiniest semi-aquatic turtles…

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